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A thermocouple is a temperature measuring device consisting of two conductors of dissimilar metals or alloys that are connected only at the ends. When the ends are at different temperatures a small voltage is produced in the wire that can be related directly to the temperature difference between the ends. If the temperature at one end is known, the temperature at the other end can be determined.
Thermocouple wire or extension grade wire is recommended to be used to connect thermocouples to the sensing or control instrumentation. The conditions of measurement determine the type of thermocouple wire and insulation to be used. Temperature range, environment, insulation requirements, response, and service life should be considered.


             Thermocouple General Information

             Wire Gage Conversion (Table 1)

             Wire Gage Conversion (Table 2)

             Thermocouple and Extension Grade Alloy

             Reference Standards

             Internatioal Thermocopule Color Codes

             Basic Characteristics of Insulation Materials

             Max. Temperature of Protected Bare Wire

             Thermocouple Temperature vs EMF

             Resistance vs. Temperature Table

             EMF Tolerance